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Discover our selection of bunker design. Get inspired and have a talk with one of our expert to better refine your idea.

A bunker is something that at best you may never have to use in your life. That’s why our bunkers are meant to be be design spaces that you can use at any time: a guest room, a rustic or a quiet room in which to watch a movie or play your electric guitar without disturbing the neighbors

However, when the need arises your bunker will remain your best ally in the face of a threat.

Kernel Premium

starting from 350 000 $

Kernel Premium is our top of the line. In the configuration below it consists of four modules. The first two modules are similar for all our bunkers including a survival cell equipped with all the necessary equipment to support the bunker such as electric generators, boilers, radios, etc. Kernel Premium is the ideal choice for those who want more than just a survival NBC shelter. Our designers have also included a gymnasium and a recreation room. Let this design inspire you to describe what you need and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Kernel Comfort

starting from 200 000 $

Kernel Comfort is the bunker designed for families but also for people who need a little extra space. Our designers thought of including a larger kitchen and a small cinema area as well as a small room for the little ones. Kernel Comfort is the choice to make if you want a little extra space without giving up safety.

Kernel Basic

starting from 140 000 $

Kernel Basic is the smallest of the Kernel family. Composed of only two modules it combines security and design. It is designed for a couple of people. It consists of a survival cell, a bathroom with shower, a small kitchen and a bedroom. Kernel Basic is the choice to make if you want to have a safe place to rely on in case of need at a more than favorable price.