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We design and assemble modular NBC shelters for the Europen market. However since our bunkers are continer size they can be shipped virtually worldwide.

The world is going through a particularly critical period from a security standpoint. The war in Europe and the recent pandemic are just two examples of situations in which a bunker could mean the difference between life and death.

We have decided to design and engineer bunkers with the quality of Made in Italy. 

We want to make the process of buying a bunker quick and easy. Here you can buy a bunker online and receive full assistance during all stages of its production.

Every year we invest a lot in health, home or life insurance. But no insurance can do anything against a biochemical, natural or nuclear threat. The only insurance worth investing in is not made of paper but concrete and steel.

Modular bunkers according to your needs

Choose your bunker configuration and buy just the modules you need at the most affordable price.

Kernel offers you a variety of configurations to be prepared to face Nuclear, Biochemical and Natural disasters in the most proper way.

Starting from Kernel Basic you can add as many modules as you want and design your own undergound shelter according to your necessities.
Our experts will guide you through the final configuration.

Each module is container-sized and can be shipped worldwide in a common container.

Get inspired by the three bunker configuration we propose.

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Our team will start working on your personal bunker. You will be constantly uptated on the progresses.

Get inspired by our design options. Once you know what your bunker should look like according to your needs, you can have a chat with one of our experts to better refine your ideas

Space engineering applied to your NBC shelter

Our team is composed of Architects, Designers, Construction Engineers and Space Engineers to guarantee to our costumers a top quality product.

Bunkers are meant to stand against Nuclear, Biochemical (NBC) and Natural disasters as musch as a spacecraft is constantly bombarded by cosmic radiation and extreme temerature conditions. Moreover, as much as a spacecraft, it has to ensure a non contaminated environment for the people inside.

We want to bring cutting-edge technologies from space to your underground NBC bunker.

Kernel means safety at its finest.

Performance Overview

Performance is our priority. Your bunker must be the safest place in case of emergency

Themally Insulated

We use cutting edge premium materials, derived from the aerospace sector, to insulate our bunkers

highest-rated NBC filters

We use military standard filters emoloyed in high performance bunkers for defence applications

Premium steel structure

Structure is designed to sustain the weight of the bunker when it is buried underground

satellite communication enabled

The bunker is equipped with antennas to remain connected in case of necessity. Bunkers can be equipped with satellite comunication devices

security cameras equipped

Cameras can be installed outside of your shelter to constantly monitor what's happening outside

radiation shielded

Our bunkers are designed to shield radiations to a level considered safe for the human body exactly as a spacecraft

Invest in your protection

Make a wise choiche and invest in bunkers.

Be one of the first investors

Be one of the first to buy a Kernel Bunker. Take advantage of the lower starting prices of our shelters. You will have an innovative product at an extremely favorabe price.

Prompt Support

Our support can help you 24/7

Quick Installation

Once you have ordered your bunker our commitment is to move on to the production and installation of the bunker in the shortest possible time